Blended Learning



The American Heart Association offers a wide variety of eLearning  classes for students who are unable to attend a full length CPR/AED  and/or First Aid class.  These classes are best utilized by students  with previous training in CPR/First Aid.  Each of the various classes includes an online segment followed by an in-person skills test with a  certified instructor wherein the student must demonstrate skills mastery  to receive their Certification card.  Participants are given time to familiarize themselves with the  equipment, but then must demonstrate their skills mastery during the  test.  Online training information is available through the American Heart Association website.   Multiple training keys may be purchased for organizations wishing to train a group of people.    


There are 2 fees for online courses: The first is paid to the American Heart Association for a key to the appropriate online course.  The second is for the in-person practice and skill evaluation with an instructor.  

Heartcode Classes

Healthcare Providers who have completed the online instruction and written test through the American Heart Association's online BLS class are required to attend a Heartcode class where they will be  given the opportunity to practice their skills as well as complete a  skill check assessment.   


This skills check includes practice time to ensure skills mastery of CPR AED and/or First Aid, a question and answer session as well as the skills check assessment.  

Pediatric CPR AED & First Aid

eLearning is particularly convenient for teachers who have limited time away from their classrooms to focus on CPR and First Aid.

Please discuss your class needs prior to beginning an online course to ensure that you are taking the correct class!