Heartsaver classes



For the lay rescuer.  This course covers recognizing the emergency, initiating a response and Adult CPR AED. Child and infant CPR are optional.  Handling choking situations is included. 

Basic Life Support


 For Medical Professionals. CPR AED for adults, children and infants as well as the use of barrier breathing devices use is taught.   Class includes a written test. 

First Aid


First Aid Training teaches students how to respond to a wide variety of emergencies: stroke, diabetes, asthma, allergies, seizure, shock, environmental and injuries, to name a few. 

Hands Only CPR Seminars


Employees and their employers can benefit from a lunchtime seminar learning the basics of adult CPR AED.

Pediatric CPR and First Aid


This class covers pediatric specific first aid modules (spotting child  abuse, epipens, sunscreen, bandaging injuries, for example) as well as  CPR/AED for Children and Infants. This is appropriate for daycare  providers, parents, nannies and babysitters. Adult CPR is an optional  element.  

Family & Friends


 This introduction to CPR gives a basic overview of the skills and  techniques for individuals who do not require a certification card.  Adult, Child & Infant CPR is taught.  Great for grandparents or parents with newborns or people working retail or corporate environment